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NSAI approoved external wall insulation

Attic Insulation

As much as 25% of all the heat lost from an average home escapes through the roof. Most Irish houses have some loft insulation, but the majority with 100mm (4 inches) or less should be substantially topped-up to around 300mm (12 inches), the requirement for new homes. The loft insulation material is rolled between the joists and may then be applied in a second layer across the joists to avoid cold-bridging.In most cases insulation is made from mineral wool or natural wool. Loft insulation works by creating a barrier to the hot air which is rising from the lower levels of your house towards the roof. We all know that hot air rises and it will easily escape through your roof unless you place something in its way. The air pockets in insulation trap that hot air and prevent it from being lost into the atmosphere. At 300mm of Attic insulation, the least amount of heat will be lost.

Attic and loft insulation
What you get with Professionally Installed Loft Insulation:
  • 2 layer Loft Roll or Top Up (to current building regulations)
  • Pipe Insulation (cold water pipes)
  • Tank Jacket (protect cold water & header tank)
  • Ventilation (to eaves: to prevent condensation)
  • Electrical cable re-routing (high load cables re-routed)
  • Draught proofing around loft hatch